The region’s future world stage champions.

In 2002 the IAS created an annual perpetual award which recognises excellence in junior sport in the Illawarra.

The award, presented to the Illawarra Academy of Sport’s Athlete of the Year, was named “The Tobin Family Award” in recognition of that family’s contribution to sports in the Illawarra for more than sixty-five years. The Tobin Family Award is now supported by the DRB Group.

The DRB Group Tobin Family Award is given to the Academy athlete who, during their scholarship, displays an exceptional level of sports performance, a commendable attitude to competition, persistent dedication to learning and strong community focus.

2022 is the 21st year the Tobin Family Award has been presented, past winners include Olympians, Emma McKeon, Blake Govers, Sally Fitzgibbons, Sarah Carli, and Kieran Woolley.

Past IAS DRB Group Tobin Family Award winners

2022: Keira Buckpitt (Lonestar – Surfing)

2021: Chelsea Jones (Lonestar – Swimming/Surf Lifesaving)

2020: Ryan Britten (Cycling)

2019: Asha Phillips (Basketball)

2018: Kieran Woolley (Lonestar – Skateboarding)

2017: Abby Holmes (Rugby 7’s)

2016: Chloe Heffernan (Cycling)

2015: Courtney Buchanan (Lonestar – Fencing)

2014: Mitchell Wright (Cycling)

2013: Cameron Scott (Cycling)

2012: Blake Govers (Hockey)

2011: Sarah Carli (IAP – Athletics)

2010: Emma McKeon (Swimming)

2009: Jackson Law (Cycling) 

2008: Ryan Gregson (IAP – Athletics)

2007: Sally Fitzgibbons (IAP – Surfing)

2006: Sally Fitzgibbons (IAP – Surfing)

2005: Amiel Cavalier (IAP – Mountain Bike)

2004: Keiran Govers (Hockey)

2003: Anita Cowley (IAP – Kayaking)

2002: Rebecca Borgo (Cycling)